July 1, 2019

My Friends:

I want to welcome all of you to SPC 100 Online this summer!  I’m Professor Miller, and I’ll be your guide over the next five weeks as we practice public speaking, with an aim to recognize the impact clear, concise, and thoughtful communication can make various contexts.

Of course, this is a slight misnomer, “public speaking”—we’re in a setting that is virtual and mostly asynchronous.  But I’ve tried to help simulate some of the elements of public speaking, particularly an emphasis on preparation, rehearsal, feedback, and revision.   I’m underlining an bolding here because of how important these elements are in this class.

So, let’s begin.

There is 1 one required book for the course, so please make sure to get it asap:

O’Hair, Rubenstein, Stewart: A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking, 5th edition. You can find the book in the bookstore, on Amazon, and elsewhere.

I will run our class through a dedicated UNEportfolio or course site.  NOT BLACKBOARD.  Underscore, repeat, bold.  Our course site is: https://miller-spc100.uneportfolio.org/  The site will not be ready to rock until Wednesday morning, just FYI.

 There’s absolutely no reason to start the class until Wednesday, so please enjoy the summer until the course begins.

In the meantime, I will also be creating your ePortfolio accounts for work in the course. These are hosted at http://uneportfolio.org. You should be looking for an email from uneportfolio.org and WordPress at some point on Tuesday. It sometimes lands in a spam or junk folder, so don’t panic if it’s not obviously in your inbox. If you did want to get a jump on ePortfolio, however, I’m happy to engage you: just send me an email back and I’ll send off the ePortfolion “starter” handout.  If not, NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER.  ePortfolio is easy and we’ll get situated on Wednesday.

Also, this online class is almost entirely asynchronous, which means you don’t need to be logged in and working at any specific time of day.  All work is due no later than midnight (11:59) on the posted due date, unless otherwise noted.  It’s important to post with enough time to let your peers respond, so please try to be mindful of others as we go.

Typically, you’ll work on coursework that will stretch a week and then a new week’s worth of material will appear on the Schedule, and you’ll begin work on those assignments.  I’ve structured the class schedule so that much of the work can be done in a timeframe that permits genuine flexibility for you.

Um, what else?  We’ll work hard, to be sure.  You’ll find it a little challenging at first, but you’ll also find that with diligence over this week as we get through the initial “liftoff” of the course, you’ll also have lots of time away from class over the weekends.  Some work IS DUE by 11:59 on Saturdays to offer you a little “extra” time on some things, but NONE of that work HAS TO BE DONE on Saturday because it can be completed EARLIER in the week.

Thank you for your patience with that near nauseating list of details that I feel I have to cover before class officially begins.

I hope that wherever you are, you are well, and excited to begin this class.


Professor Miller



Outlook can be a bit of a pain, so I use a Gmail account (jmiller.une@gmail.com).  I’m emailing from my official UNE jmiller12@une.edu account now so you know it’s me, but in the future, I’ll use my Gmail account.  If you email me at the jmiller12 account above, that’s fine—messages push automatically to my preferred Gmail account.  Nothing will be lost, for sure.

Please do take a look to see if any email ends up in your JUNK or SPAM box.


In our correspondences, you may address me as “Professor Miller,” “Mr. Miller,” or simply as “Jesse”—I’m comfortable with them all!