DBQ 2. Impromptu Speech. Post your link and respond. As you go through to respond to some of your peers, what patterns emerge? Are there similarities? Are there strengths you’d like to acquire? Are there weaknesses you identify with?

Please post and respond by Friday, May 22, 11:59pm. Original post is the link to Speech 1, which I will evaluate and send a feedback form; response to peers, 3 sentences each.

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    1. Hi Riley,
      I really enjoyed watching your video. I felt that even though we didn’t have similarities I could still find myself connecting to the smaller detail you focused on. When the nerves get to me I tend to have a very monotone voice and want to hide in my shell so I can agree with you that large crowds are defiantly scarier than most. Also, I was in choir in high school and was assigned a solo and just never walked up to the microphone to sing my part because again, the nerves took over and I froze. You had me engaged throughout your video and although I wasn’t there in front of you I was still connected through eye contact and the message that you were trying to get across. Overall, great job and in my eyes that is a great step in the right direction.

      1. Hi Riley,
        Nerves get the best of me too and that is something I would love to work on. A solo in a choir is really impressive so congrats on getting that part. But with big parts comes big responsibility so I understand why you froze, and I would do the same. I really enjoyed how you connected the video theme back to a specific time in your childhood!

    2. Hey Riley,
      I am not gonna lie, after I post this I am going to go look at that test and see what my style is. I thought you were very chill and calm the whole time which was really great and helps put the watcher at ease as well. I also really enjoyed the personal story, made the speech really interesting. I think we all are going to benefit from this class!

    3. Hi Rilley,
      I thought you did well for your first try here. I’m also basically an introvert and I do find it a challenge at times to get up and speak in front of people. I understand how you feel when you have to give a presentation in class it can be uncomfortable too.
      I think that the course will help as we move forward. Planning, preparing,rehearsing and trying our best, will help us all to improve.
      You mentioned that you feel more comfortable talking to people on on one, this is an important communications skill also. You can often incorporate the skills you develop from individual conversations, into giving a speech to a group.
      Work to try and make that same connection with an audience. If you can do that, you will probably begin to feel more comfortable. The audience “listeners” will also feel more comfortable and will generally feel that they gained more from hearing what you had to say.

    4. Hi Riley,

      Great job on your first video, I haven’t completed that yet but watching your video made me feel more at ease about doing so. You had great eye contact and a very professional stature. I agree with you, I don’t do well in large crowds but that is amazing that you sang solos in choir.

    5. Hi Riley,
      This was a very nice speech! I can see how being introverted has made public speaking difficult for you. I agree that large groups of people are the most nerve racking to speak in front of. I also agree that it is hard to overcome nerves while public speaking. That is hard for me too because my nerves start to take over and that is hard to combat. I hope you will be able to sing in front of crowds again!

    1. Hi Sierra,
      As I was watching you video I could defiantly tell that you were comfortable in the shoes you were filling. You seem to hold confidence in yourself and a lot of my friends are in improv classes so I know a lot of it defiantly comes from that. Overall, you have great energy in your voice and we can connect in a multitude of ways. We are similar when talking about getting to the point and forgetting all of the fluff to elongate the conversation. I also noticed that we both relay a message with meaning and energy behind it but tend to talk faster than most. I would love to gain your strength of confidence in front of bigger crowds and thought you really grasped my attention without me even being there. keep it up with the eye contact and energy I defiantly enjoyed this first recording.

      1. Sierra,
        This is an awesome first speech! I envy your confidence and ability to think quickly on your feet. Sometimes, I talk too fast when I’m presenting as well but I usually only do when I’ve memorized my presentation. I know you said you’d like to work on eye contact but I felt pretty engaged throughout your speech anyway. I appreciate your directness when you speak because the extra ‘stuff’ can be distracting from the main point. Great job!

    2. Hi Sierra! I think this was a really well done first speech! You had good eye contact and it seemed like you were very confident! I also speak fast when I’m nervous or speaking publicly, so I definitely relate to that. Your voice is very clear and the tone of the speech is relaxed. Overall, I really enjoyed your speech!

    1. Tori,
      Although we are different because of our introverted / extrovertedness, I completely agree that no preparation for a speech is the worst case scenario. I too freeze up when I am nervous. I appreciate that you prefer to get the audience involved rather than just stating your presentation. In a way, this makes us different because I fear conflict; I would much rather not have someone tell me I’m wrong in front of an entire crowd. I hope to gain some of the passion you have while speaking so I can lose my monotone voice. Good work!

      1. Tori,
        I think it is very important to be passionate about the message you are delivering. Not only does this make you more interested in delivering the speech but also makes the speech more interesting to listen to. I think freezing in front of a crowd is very normal, and happens to everyone, I think the bigger issue there is how to bounce back from a frozen moment. By having a great come back, your frozen moment is usually forgotten. I really enjoyed your video!

    2. Hi Tori,

      Along with Riley, I completely agree that not having a speech or preparation is the worst case scenario. I am very different when it comes to large crowds, I prefer to not involve them because in my head it will drag out the speech and that makes me so much more nervous. You kept great eye contact and made speaking over this video feel very easy. Overall, I believe you did a great job!

    1. Hey Sherina,
      I love how you brought up your job at cultural exchange lounge. I know a lot of people that really rely on that safe space and they most definitely appreciate a good conversation. You sounded really good on the speech and made sure not to talk too fast, a talent I haven’t mastered yet. It sounds like you have a ton of practice in your daily life, keep it up!

    2. Hi Sherina!
      I think that it is really cool that you help people on campus! It would make sense why you would wanna take this class to improve those skills for your job. I think you set reasonable goals for yourself in this class. You said you wanted to lose some of the nervousness you feel, but I did not think you looked nervous at all!

    1. Hi Ann,
      I liked your speech it really gave a good sense of your communication style and you covered what you feel are your strengths and weaknesses very well.
      Being a good listener and being able to connect with others can be a helpful skill that you can also apply to Public Speaking. Understanding your audience and finding ways to connect with them will make your speeches more authentic.
      I think we all feel a bit nervous and hesitant about speaking in front of others, that’s probably one of the reasons were taking the course.

    1. Hi Kim! I really loved how honest you were in your video. I admire how you are not afraid to share it took multiple practices to ensure the speech was good. I feel like a similarity I share with your style is that I also get nervous and fidgety when I have to speak in public, but I am usually pretty good with one-on-one conversations. Overall, I really enjoyed listening to your speech!

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