DBQ 1. Help me understand what experiences you have with practice or rehearsal and the relationship that preparation has to performance—academically, professionally, etc.

Please post and respond to two other writers by Wednesday, May 20, 11:59pm. Original posts, 3-4 sentences; response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.

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  1. My experience with practicing and rehearsing started when I took up cheerleading when I was younger. We would go over each individual move over and over again in order to remember the routine, very similar to muscle memory. If we didn’t practice the amount we did, then we wouldn’t be able to perform our routine by the time we needed too. When it comes to a professional/academic experience, I often think about how I prepare myself for school each semester. When I have an exam coming up I prepare by blocking out enough time throughout the day to study. By doing so, I am rehearsing/practicing by studying the material over and over again. The ending performance is being well prepared to take my exam. With public speaking it is somewhat similar. We would schedule time to write up or brainstorm our ideas, then rehearse how we would present it to a crowd. If we presented the speech without preparation or took the exam without studying, then we wouldn’t be happy with the results. To me, I believe it is very important for individuals to master this cycle of rehearse/perform in order to become more successful in one’s life.

    1. I love what you have to say about cheerleading as I have cheered since a young age as well. We had to go over each move repeatedly but also once we knew the routine well enough to go full speed, everything had to be perfect or we’d start again. There was no time to have a sloppy run through because a sloppy practice turns into a sloppy performance. Pushing ourselves for a perfect routine was the only way we could be successful. This is a perfect example of how rehearsal and performance are connected. Great job!

      1. Although I am not a huge sports person, I know it takes a lot of work to clean up those routines because I did gymnastics for a couple years when I was younger. I also just finished watching that new Netflix show about the cheerleading team that won nationals and they practiced nonstop and hard every practice. I completely relate to when you talked about blocking off time just to study. This is very important to make sure you aren’t distracted while you’re trying to learn the exam material.

    2. Kimberly,
      Reading your response I can really contact to exactly what you have to say. Growing up I was always very athletic and cared about my performance in and out of school. I know exactly what you mean about muscle memory and that with consistent practice, anything can be done and learned. Cheerleading is a very demanding sport, and I was the same way being a gymnast. It is a key skill to have in the back of your head, and being a gymnast, cheerleader, or even an athlete in general has definitely helped.

    3. This experience of practice and rehearsal is very similar to mine. I used to do gymnastics for several years. The process of rehearsal and practice you had with cheerleading is very close to the process I had with gymnastics. Mastering new tricks and routines was all about practice and rehearsal. You had to practice them so many times so it became muscle memory and you could perform without even thinking about it. If you did not practice and rehearse enough that is when mistakes would start to occur. I agree with you on how important this process is.

  2. Hello all,
    I have been practicing and performing various skills for well over twenty years. I am a certified EMT -B and CPR Instructor. As part of both of these disciplines I have to maintain a level of skill that I must periodically re-certify on. I am required to complete certain skill tests, maintain certain levels of current or updated knowledge and I must complete practical and skills testing at various times. It is vital that I practice and prepare as much as possible to be able to perform these skills.

    Regarding other life experiences, I find that it is often necessary to consider both real world and hypothetical situations that you might encounter and consider ways that you would try to respond. I think that this better prepares you to perform when you might find yourself under stress or facing unexpected situations.

    I’m not really into sports much but I have engaged in some individual sports and helped to teach/ coach some soccer skills and drills when my son was younger. Practice and preparation are obviously needed when you are trying to improve in sports.

    1. Hi Frank,

      First off I just wanted to say I think it is awesome that you are an EMT, thank you for everything you do! I agree with you that it is vital that you are practicing and preparing yourself constantly with these skills, that way you can best perform these tasks when the moments arise. Preparation is key especially in stressful situations. You have made a lot of valid points, great job!

      1. Hi Kimberly,
        Thank you for the support. I have previously been a volunteer EMT in my community and I did a bit of paid work. I am not currently active at this time, but I try to maintain my certification as there are some times when the skills or knowledge can be helpful in various situations.
        I do teach CPR regularly and I also find that this ties into public speaking. I have to be comfortable to get in front of a class and present the training. I find that familiarity with the training DVD”s and review of written materials, skills tests etc. greatly helps to prepare me for the classes.
        I find it satisfying when I see someone begin to understand a new skill and especially when they can apply it.
        Practice and repetition of the skills is the best way for people to both build the skills and increase their knowledge and ability.

    2. I am taking an EMT class to get certified soon! Working in a hospital, I see that is very important to stay on top of those skills to make sure the patient is taken care of with you fullest potential. A lot of the classes I am taking now help me get a sense of hypothetical situations so that when I am working in the field as a physician assistant one day I will be fully aware of how to treat my patients, which I agree with you is a very important skill to have.

    3. I think it’s amazing that you are an instructor for emt and cpr. I’m working on getting my emt certification and I know from the skills test that it takes tons of practice to remember the exact order of steps on the sheet. I used to come up with scenarios and practice in front of a camera to give myself some pressure. I’ve learned that the teacher is an essential part of really understanding that material. Thanks for all you do!

    4. Hi Frank,
      As to what you’re doing, I think it is amazing and to add to it all, the skills you have learned while following a passion of yours is great. You have a very important task to complete every single day and no day is like the other so I think it is really important for you especially to learn all of the skills and have then mastered. Again, not an easy task but with preparation, practice, and rehearsal it seems as though you have learned a lot and have come a long way. keep it up!

    5. Frank, it is clear that your job requires you to master important skills by using the rehearsal and practice process. Making sure you stay up to date on your training and keeping your current skills while being an EMT is essential and it seems that you have a very strong grip on a rehearsal and practice process that works for you. Making sure you are prepared is a huge part of your job to ensure that you will be ready in stressful situations and won’t hesitate on what you have learned.

  3. As a student I practice my memory skills on a daily basis. In order to achieve high grades I am forced to review all the material from that specific class very thoroughly. Overtime my memory has strengthened and I am able to memorize more content faster which can help for those classes where an exam covers multiple chapters. Having a strengthened memory can also help me when I have to perform presentations in class because knowing the information on the slides allows me to speak with a better flow and really deliver the message I was trying to get across with that presentation.
    In addition to practice in school, working or volunteering in a hospital setting for years has allowed me to gain experience in the field I would love to work in someday. Watching the physician assistants go on their rounds or tend to different patients, I now have a strong sense of what I would do if I were to work in a similar environment in the future. This confidence can really help me adjust to the work force faster.

    1. Sherina,

      I think it is great that school is a very important priority in your life. With that being said, I completely agree with how memorization plays a huge role in fully knowing something. This helps so much with presentation and the flow of things. Practicing allows you to perform confidently which will result in a better outcome overall. Great job!

    2. Hey Sherina,
      The student’s brain is always evolving. Each year I feel like we get more and more information to process and remember which can get difficult. One of the best things I like to do while studying is find friends because studying with others makes it so much better and is always way more entertaining than studying by yourself. That is really cool that you have volunteered/worked so much in hospitals and such. I wished I could do something important like that, but sadly I am too queasy to be anywhere in the medical field, one drop of blood and I hit the ground. It’s great that you fit in well in that environment and can gain that experience before graduating.

  4. The word ‘rehearsal’ reminds me of when I was in choir in high school. Practice and rehearsal were both essential for perfecting our songs for our performance. It wasn’t only about how well we sang, it was also about making sure our posture and facial expressions made us look interesting to the audience.
    Both choir and sports have taught me the importance of rehearsal for a solid performance. I played lacrosse and I cheered in high school, therefore I am used to a coach saying ‘again’ after every play or run through. Practice makes perfect or as my cheer coach used to say “practice like you perform”. The simplest thing like smiling feels impossible when you are performing a routine which is why it’s so important to practice smiling while you’re in your own gym.
    This also applies to my school work. I learn by doing so before an exam, I always practice using quizlet, solving math problems, or writing out long answer responses. When it comes to presentations, I like to practice in front of a camera so I can catch my lack of eye contact or word stumbling.
    No matter the situation, I like to be prepared for the day of the performance which means rehearsal is very important to me.

    1. I think it is really cool that you did choir in high school. I did it as well so I can understand where you’re coming from. Practice is everything to get the final performance right whether it be music, sports, or even final exams. I think it is funny how we both put “practice like you perform” in our posts even though you were talking about sports and I was talking about theater. It shows that no matter the situation, practice/rehearsal is the most crucial step in the process. I do the same thing with musicals that you do with presentations to make sure I look the part and am portraying enough emotion on my face for the final show!

    2. Hi rbillings,
      It’s nice to see that you have put so much work into both music and sports.
      As you said preparation is vitally important. My wife is the one with talent in our family. She was also an accomplished athlete in high school and college. She can play several instruments and she did sing although she doesn’t get to do it much anymore, due to work etc. She used to play for our church choir. I spent many hours at her practices. We had a running joke that I was the choir “roadie” as I would help to get things set up etc.
      I like that idea of practicing in front of a camera, it would be helpful to see yourself and be able to see how you are doing.

    3. I can relate because I did band in high school, and much like choir our rehearsals were critical in order to do well on our performances. Even missing one rehearsal would push us back on refining key points of the piece. I also use quizlet a lot to help with my classes, especially now that they have added the option to add pictures to your flashcards which helps in a lot of my science class.

  5. Hello! When I think of this class, I can see that it relates a lot to what I do in my daily life. I am a tour guide on campus which involves a lot of practice and repetition to remember which things to say at the right time as well as being able to react quickly and efficiently to random questions that might be thrown your way. It doesn’t seem as hard as it actually is to make sure all the facts are straight such as dates, numbers, and other facts that might not be common knowledge. When you get the information down, it is all on you to present in a way that actually makes the prospective student want to come to the school.
    I have also done theater for about 10 years now being in about 15 shows so rehearsal is my middle name. It is so important when you are getting ready for a show that you practice how you will perform, having this drilled into my head for years. I have had a lot of experience with getting up on stage and this has actually helped me be very comfortable with speaking to large groups of people. Practice is the key though as I would have never gotten to that point if I hadn’t rehearsed lines with my parents or sang audition songs for my friends. It is important that we memorize our lines, keep going through the choreography and walk through the transitions. Without practice the final product would be a complete and utter mess.

  6. Over the years in school I was never really required to speak in front of my class, so practice and rehearsal in that type of setting would be new to me. I can’t say I’ve never done it though. Growing up I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years. Here I learned the true importance of practice and rehearsal, and the fact that it takes a lot of hard work, time and effort, to even come close to perfecting a skill. I would show up to practice 5 days a week for a total of 20 hours per week. This taught me a lot about how important repetition is, and they key aspects of practice. It takes a lot of mental and physical energy to learn a new school never mind a routine, but by practicing it day in and day out and rehearsing the routines over and over again, it soon turned to muscle memory and felt easy. In order to get here, I had to go through a lot of failure, but with the practice and determined mindset, I was 100% able to. Before competitions we would go through each routine multiple times being very knit picky on detail. We would give ourselves a challenge so it would feel like the pressure we would receive performing in front of a judge. I then picked up 2 more sports entering high school and found myself back at stage one; learning how to cradle a lacrosse stick, and bump, set, and spike a volleyball. Again, practicing these skills daily allowed for much success and failure, but the hard work paid off and the skills are now something I barely need to think about. I also can relate this to how I preform in school. Before coming to college, I never really had to seriously study, but now I have learned the importance of preparation and practice. I have noticed that in the end my overall performance is much better and more consistent when I take the time to rehearse the content for the exam. Overall, I believe practice does make perfect and taking the time to rehearse and practice the task at hand is very important.

    1. Hi vboutin! I agree with what you said, and I like that you included that even when you went through some failures along the way, you continued to practice to become better. I also didn’t truly know how to prepare and study for an exam properly before college, but soon figured out a way through trial and error. It’s important to practice and allow for failures during practice, so that once its time for an exam or performance, you know how to avoid failures.

    2. I have also competed in gymnastics and I can agree that it takes a lot of hard work and effort in order to place high in those competitions, but it is also very rewarding when you do so. It is very impressive that you play a lot of different sports and that each sport enhances your performance for the other. Overall, I think this was very well written and shows that you’ve grown throughout your experiences with the different sports.

  7. I think practice and rehearsal are an essential aspect of performance. On one hand, putting in the effort to rehearse something shows that you care about the overall performance and want to increase the likelihood of a good performance. On the other hand, it also allows the presenter to ensure they know the performance as well as they need to perform adequately. In my case as a nursing student, I always practice the order I do my health assessments to ensure I come off to the patient as competent and its easy to follow.

  8. Sports have been a huge part of my life and I even play sports here at UNE. The process of rehearsal and practice is important for being an athlete. Obviously, if you do not practice you will never become better. Personally I love rehearsal and practice. I constantly try to get in extra reps making sure my basic skills are always up to par and I can always rely on them to be there when I need them. Also mastering basic skills is essential to learn how to do more advanced skills. I have also had to practice and rehearse in my academic career. Studying for exams is a process of practice and rehearsal. It is just like sports with muscle memory, you want to study enough so when it comes time for the exam you are already prepared and know the terms and processes.

    1. Hi Ann! I like how you relate studying as practice for performance on an exam. Since we are all students here, I think we all relate to that! I also agree that practicing can be fun, especially for a sport you play, because it ultimately will lead to improved skill and performance. When you truly care about something, you put in the effort to enhance your chances of performing well by practicing.

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