DBQ 1: Focus your time here: Sun-Thursday:  Closes Thursday at 11:59p.m.


Post a 100-200 word thank you note for someone or multiple members of the class.  It takes a lot of energy to do the work of this class and people should be recognized.  I normally bring donuts in as a nice way to wrap up the term, but because we are not “live,” donuts are a no-go.  Sorry! Instead, we’ll have to appreciate the sweetness of our peers.  There’s no requirement to comment on anyone’s post, but it might be nice to take a look at what the class has come up with.


9 thoughts on “WEEK 6, DBQ 1

  1. I just would like to say thank you all for being so pleasant and constructive! I know I wasn’t given the chance to work with all you during the courses of our speeches but for the people I worked with, I really appreciate your feedback! I was nervous going into this class as I have never taken a speech class before and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, I figured we would be doing online speeches and I was anxious about how my peers would be critiquing me. Mackenzie in particular, I was always in her group for my speeches and she always gave me awesome feedback! Thank you Mackenzie.

  2. Going into this online speech class I didn’t really know what to expect but I felt like everyone was really understanding and supportive of one another. I think we all brought something different to the table and should all be proud of how far we have all come in this class. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of you in small groups and I really appreciate the support and help that I was given. With that being said thank you Kiana and Ally (and Ben this past week) for being so kind and giving me the advice I needed to become a better speaker! I always felt like our group cared about what we each had to say and felt that we worked well with one another.

  3. I never thought how helpful an online speaking class would be. I want to thank everyone for being so helpful and willing to grow. Even with the DBQ’s it showed that everyone was engaged and interested in the topics at hand. That was really helpful because once everyone was posting and taking the time to do the work it helped others grow. One person I want to thank especially is Ben. He always left thoughtful comments that helped me grow my speeches. Every comment showed that he put a lot of thought into the advice that he was giving. Thank you Ben!

  4. I want to give a specific thank you to Mackenzie for giving me such honest, specific and thorough advice on each of my speeches. I looked forward to your advice and used every bit of it in my final run. I also want to thank professor Miller for all of the advice, but also being such a fair player. You really made this class an enjoyment for me. I like how open you were to let us talk about what we wanted to instead of a set prompt. I think that this made it much more enjoyable.

  5. I loved this class! I was not sure what to expect going into an online public speaking class- but I truly feel like I am walking away from this experience with a better depth and understanding of the logistics into public speaking. I am especially thankful to all of my peers for their advice! Thank you all for really stepping up and giving honest, constructive feedback; it definitely helped me improve and focus on the things that could be fixed. I am thankful to my group members, especially Brandon and Mackenzie for really giving constructive feedback week after week. Finally, I want to thank you, Professor Miller! You have truly been such help and so easy to reach. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer!

  6. I firstly want to thank my entire group including David, Raica, and Chelsea later on for giving me wholesome and quality advice on my speeches. I really want to specially thank Raica as I feel like on every speech she went the extra mile to explain what I could do better. I know sometimes as people we can tend to focus solely on ourselves , so i’m really glad every week everyone participated in giving quality feedback. Secondly, I really want to thank the rest of my classmates. In online classes you really need everyone to contribute to have meaning to the class. I think everyone was genuine about their approach to the class and considerate of the others in the class. I also want to thank Professor Miller for running the class in the summer and helping me learn from my previous speeches. I really enjoyed the class from beginning to end and wish everyone the best.

  7. First off i want to thank everyone that was apart of this community! Thank you to my group members Meg, Andrew, Ally and Mackenzie. One of my least favorite parts of making speeches, essays and etc is having to provide and receive feedback from Peers. After taking this class and receive the amazing and very helpful feedback I can say it doesn’t bother me as much anymore. Also, thank you for always adding positive messages like “you have a strong start here” or great speech, because this helped me be more confident with my speeches. So, in the end i just want to thank everyone for making this online public speaking class such a fun and enjoyable time.
    Have a great rest of the summer,

    -Ben Harvey

  8. This class was very informative for me, I thought that the feedback /peer review method was very effective. Over the course of the summer I would say that raicia has been very kind to me and my videos. She has always provided me with effective positive feedback and I just wanted to thank her for that. Coming into the class I didn’t think I would be talking directly to people because of the online aspect but I thought that I actually communicated with others a good bit and it’s always helpful to receive commentary on what you perform so you can work on improving it. Thanks to everyone so being so thoughtful and kind. Thanks to my other group mate Brandon he provided me with a lot of helpful feedback like using less filler words and maintaining eye contact.

  9. I loved everything about this class and would like to make it more known to students while promoting this class. I would like to first off thank Jesse Miller would went out of his way to see us succeed. I only come across a small handful of professors who are so passionate and are so helpful to their students and Jesse Miller is all of that and more! I would also like to thank Mackenzie F. for responding to my SOS when I didn’t receive any feedback for my speech 4! No one was required to respond to me but you saw that email and went to help me! I really appreciated that and used the feedback to help submit my final! Thank you to everyone else who helped give me feedback throughout this course!

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