MacKenzie Facteau,

Alexandra Pezzolesi

Ben Harvey

DBQ 3: Focus your time here: Thurs-Saturday: Closes Saturday at 11:59p.m.


For full credit, post your dry-run video in your group by Thursday at noonBy Saturday at 11:59pm, offer peer review for each member of your group in the following way: 2 things that are succeeding, and 1-2 things that could use improvement in terms of clarity, message, focus, body language, eye contact, presence, and energy.

Original post is the link to Speech 5 (by noon on Thursday); response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.

12 thoughts on “WEEK 5, DBQ 3, TEAM C

    1. its funny we started our speech out the same way! I like to talk about topics that aren’t widely recognized and are almost pushed off to the side. I agree that your powerpoint is hard to see at times, maybe you can put up a table or something for your laptop to rest on so you don’t have to worry about holding it. I like your tone in this speech, I can tell you’re definitely passionate about it. Great topic, try to catch yourself when you begin to look around when searching for ideas in your head.

    2. Mackenzie, this is a very strong start towards your final speech! I really liked how you defined what a water footprint was right away becuas this helped me and other people watching this understand exactly what a water footprint is. I also liked the use of visual because this helped me visualize what you were syaing and making me understand how I can make a difference In the clean water crisis. A few things to think about your final speech are just some minor adjustments. Be careful with words like um or like, you said these a few times. Also, maybe put the laptop on a table so its eaiser to make more eye contact and stabilize that power point for the audience. Besides these minor adjustment I really enjoyed learning about the clean water crisis! Great job!

      1. Ally, this is a very good start towards your final speech! I liked how you used the pond as a visual and landscape to show us a real life example about environmental Injustice. I also liked how you brought up Flint, Michigan, because this was a huge crisis that almost never got discovered and gave the audience a real life example of what environmental injustice is! A few things to work on for your final speech are just some minor things. For me the audio was a little quiet so i dont know if you can do much about this but just wanted to point it out. Try to keep more eye contact when presenting and maybe add another picture or visual to your presentation! Otherwise, it was really cool to leane more about environmental injustice and show how it impacts peoples lives! Great job!

    1. Hey Ben,

      I really liked the way you introduced your topic- water pollution is a really big deal and I agree that I don’t think people care as much as they should. I learned a lot from your speech especially when you talked about noise pollution. One thing I would suggest is try pausing a bit more when giving your speech I think it will give the audience more time to process what you are saying and help your overall speech be stronger. Great job!

    2. Hey Ben!
      Great video- I can tell you are very well educated on the topic of water pollution. And I’m glad you picked the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because that was a national headline and I remember that! that definitely gave your speech more drama. Thanks for educating me on noise pollution to- its important to consider the marine organisms! If there’s one thing you could do better, it would be pausing a little more to maintain a slower and steadier flow for your speech.

    1. Hey Ally,

      I think it really added a lot to your speech by explaining why this topic is important to you by showing your pond in your back yard. I really found your speech interesting and organized very well. One thing I think you can work on is try to avoid having the camera shake while you are recording, maybe try setting it on something. Really good job!

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