Brandon Crawford-Adams

David McKenzie

Raica Mirza

Chelsea Kimbal


DBQ 3: Focus your time here: Thurs-Saturday: Closes Saturday at 11:59p.m.


For full credit, post your dry-run video in your group by Thursday at noonBy Saturday at 11:59pm, offer peer review for each member of your group in the following way: 2 things that are succeeding, and 1-2 things that could use improvement in terms of clarity, message, focus, body language, eye contact, presence, and energy.

Original post is the link to Speech 5 (by noon on Thursday); response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.

18 thoughts on “WEEK 5, DBQ 3, TEAM B

    1. I love the topic, I hate ticks so this was perfect for me to learn more about! I like how you break it down to us on how the speech is going to look like with your four different parts! I think your style of presenting is very authentic, some of your body movements were a tad distracting but I do this a lot as well. Sometimes I will hold a stress ball in one hand so I don’t fidget a lot. Another small thing I noticed was I could hear a car drive by which was somewhat distracting so maybe for your final record the video somewhere away from windows or close them. But other than that the speech was well versed, knowledgeable, and well organized!

      1. Between you and Raica, I’ve been able to learn my fair share about ticks. I believe that in your speech your organization, and knowledge of your presenting topic were solid. If they’re was anything I’d work on it would be your body language, which I find is always much more difficult in a longer speech. yet, in total I though you speech seemed to run very smoothly.

    2. I loved this speech! Your are right- great minds think alike. I loved your take on ticks, and how to handle them. I think some things you did really well were structure and information presented. The presentation was very well put together, and all of the facts were from credible sources and appropriate! I also think you have really improved on your energy, it was great, and your smile was awesome too! I think you could improve on using less of the filler words; it will help the flow become smoother! Overall great job!

    1. I love that this topic is personal to you, it makes the speech more meaningful and more relatable because it could happen to any of us. With your visual, some of the slides were hard to see, maybe changing the background color would help the words stand out more. Your volume, body language and delivery was very good and not distracting. Your hand motions were helpful and went with your speech. Lastly, the car that went by was slightly loud so maybe try making sure the windows are closed for your final:) great topic and speech!

    2. Great minds think alike. My topic for this video was also ticks but I don’t focus on Lyme disease. I too think that people don’t know enough about ticks and the dangers that they present. I think your speech was really good, I liked the positive energy you had and the video was very clear and easy to hear so good job. Something you could probably improve on is saying distracting words like um less, but it’s a dry run to really good all things considered. Some of your slides were a little hard to see maybe try to make them larger.

    3. I really love that in your video you open up about something that is close to your heart, and I can only imagine how difficult that is. I think you brought great energy to your speech, and really had a thorough explanation of Lyme disease as a whole. I think other than trying to make the visuals slightly clearer and practicing a couple more run throughs , the speech was very well done and needs little work.

    1. Great job on your speech, you picked a great topic and your delivery of the material was very good. I thought you did a really good job maintaining eye contact and I also thought you did a good job of incorporating facts into your presentation. Your speech seemed very intelligible it’s clear that you understand the material well. Something you could work on might be keeping the positive energy up, I struggle with this as well. Sometimes a positive attitude and a smile can make the speech more interesting and relatable.

    2. I think you did a great job overall on your speech. They’re was definitely a lot of information I was able to gather from your video. You really were effective in having direct eye contact, and the having quality content for your speech. The only thing if anything I would add would be a visual piece for the requirement that you mentioned and a developed conclusion.

    3. I love this topic! It is clear that you are very well versed in the field. I think some things you did well were organization/structure and posture/position. I think some things you can work on would be sustained energy throughout the presentation and less filler words (something I really struggle with as well so I feel). Great Job!

    1. I think this topic is very interesting! The way you present yourself is very confident and knowledgeable. I love how you talk about the importance of this topic on a personal level because it makes the speech more meaningful. One thing I would do is maybe find a way to make the slides more visible maybe playing around with different colors and sizes of the font would help. And other than your use of filler words, your speech was well spoken.

      1. I though you speech was very good the topic is very interesting. In my opinion you fulfilled the prompt of the speech in every aspect. Something that was really good was Your ability to maintain eye contact while still pointing us to the slides that you have as your vision. Some of your hand movements and gestures were very kind of distracting so maybe try to move Less on your final run. You’re clearly very informed on the topic and it shows. Overall I though you did a very good job.

    2. It’s really clear that there is personal significance in this topic to you; and it makes the presentation that much more engaging! I think you did structure and content very well! You could practice your conclusion a tad bit smoother- really try and think about the big picture! Overall great job! Thank you for sharing!

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