DBQ 3: Focus your time here: Thursday-Sat: Closes Saturday at 11:59p.m.–> And note, the link to your page should be posted at noon on Thursday.


The idea for this DBQ is a little different.  I’d like you to create a PAGE (not a post) on your ePortfolio and add a few things to it.  We’ll be adding on to the page leading up to our final week of class, so this work builds to our final week speech project.

Original post is the link to your page; response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.



28 thoughts on “WEEK 4, DBQ 3

    1. Hi Meghan,

      I enjoyed your page a lot because I think you bring up some very good points about giving and receiving feedback. I agree that when giving feedback a person needs to be precise and try to not come off as rude. I think that by our peers offering us specific advice we know exactly what to do in order to better our speeches and improve our public speaking skills.

    1. The fact that you made a point explaining how you give advice based on how you like the advice you receive. I agree that having specific parts of your speech broken down and advice for all of those is very helpful. I agree that this is a good way to be able to pinpoint certain parts to build on your speech.

    2. I really appreciate that in your post you talk about your honesty. Your opinion will help individuals utilize their strength’s and learn from the negatives. I think overall, it is a good method to deconstruct the speech and choose which parts need to be fixed.

    1. Raica- good job on your page! I like how you made a note about an honest review. Often, I think that we aren’t completely honest because we don’t want to hurt feelings. But honesty will help to make our speeches better!

    1. I agree that having the peers connect with you when giving feedback allows you to feel like you are speaking with a friend. It does give you confidence and that allows you to give your best possible speech. I am the same way where I get nervous with turning in my speeches and having a peer look at it first and agree with me allows me to become significantly more comfortable with turning it in.

    1. Ben- I really like that your best advice has to do with being able to relate to the person you’re talking to! I think this is important. I also agree with you about being nervous right after doing your speech. I look forward to the feedback and being able to change things around before being graded.

    1. I like how you said you don’t change your personal style. I haven’t really thought about that before. I take little pauses in between my words as well, And I feel like it flows better that way but one of my peers did make a comment about it and I took it into consideration. But if it’s in my personal style should I still consider changing it? or ignore it?

      1. I think the style works for me as well and it does flow better and makes the speech sound more authentic. But if someone mentions that they are a little long I will try to make sure my pauses aren’t that long so they aren’t distracting but I wouldn’t get rid of them altogether.

    2. What you said about taking pauses in between words. It’s always important to have a mellow well paced speech with plenty of space. I agree with what you said about receiving feedback I do enjoy receiving teabag it is important to receive good feedback in order to have a good speech.Your page is very informative and I think he give you advice.

    3. I think that in settings like these, it is crucial to be a successful constructive criticizers. As students we want our classmates to do well , but also get the help in which they need. This is something I have struggled with, but am happy to learn from classmates who are efficient like yourself.

    1. Hi David!
      I think its awesome you provide your peers with such insightful feedback by being so specific. I also agree with you about receiving advice, it’s nice to have someone who will be honest with you and tell you where the road bumps are. I like that when you give feedback you start with the good’s and end with the bad’s.

    1. I really liked how you mentioned the importance of putting WHY when giving feedback. If you don’t put why something is good, then they won’t know how to replicate it and if you don’t put why something is not that good, then they won’t be able to fix or improve it. Good point!

    2. I love this! Your peer advice was relate-able because of your comment at the end of how kenzie could relate! I think so often when we get criticism, especially from peers, we tend to
      wrong spot” before any thing has even happened. But hearing that she relates and understands helps ease that tension! I know it would definitely help me! I also love the advice because she also points out things you did well. In addition to the things you can work on, she points out things you did well! It’s a good balance.

  1. Ally:
    I think you did a great job not saying “um” or pausing too much, but that you went slow enough to be effective. Another thing that you did really well was that you put across a very good message. Your story had a beginning, middle and an end with a message. I enjoyed listening to this, and I am so sorry that you had to go through this experience. So scary! One thing I think you should work on is your voice projection. I had a hard time hearing some parts and others were fine. Working on making this consistent will really strengthen your speech!

    1. I like how you talked about knowing your peer previously and how that makes you feel comfortable to give criticism. I agree that if you know a peer in class it definitely makes it easier to give advice or constructive criticism. And I also always give positive feedback after constructive criticism because it just feels uncomfortable to end on a bad note kind of.

    2. I like how you talk about receiving criticism and how it is important to receive criticism in order to have a full rounded speech. Another thing that I liked about your page was how you provided the advice that you thought was the best this is important because it’s always good to realize the positive work you’ve done and give yourself self gratitude. Your page is very good your advice is very insightful and you did a good job.

    1. I love your personal comment! You’re right- there are instances where some of our peers do really well, and it gives you the fun opportunity to compliment them and tell them what you loved! In david’s instance with the tie, I think he did an awesome job, and you show that by pointing it out. It gives the speaker the affirmation they might need when doing something like this. It’s easy to forget that public speaking is not always an easy task! When someone does it well, I think it’s so important to tell them so.

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