DBQ 2: Focus your time here: Tues-Thurs: Closes Thursday at 11:59p.m.


For full credit, post your dry-run video in your group by Tuesday at noonBy Thursday at 11:59pm, offer peer review for each member of your group in the following way: 2 things that are succeeding, and 1-2 things that could use improvement in terms of clarity, message, focus, body language, eye contact, presence, and energy.

Original post is the link to Speech 4 (by noon on Tuesday); response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.


9 thoughts on “WEEK 4, DBQ 2

    1. Hey! You did a great job explaining how meaningful this person was to you. I really liked how personal you made it and the energy you brought to it. I also really liked how you explained not only why he means so much to you, but what he has done to change your perspective of life. Something that I think you could work on for your final run would be your organization. It is a little all over the place right now, and there is some repetition. I think sticking more closely to an outline may benefit you tons!

    2. Hey Ally,

      I really like how you explained the first conversation that you two had about cereal I thought it was a great way to transition to explain how much closer you two have grown with each other. I can really tell how much he means to you through your facial expressions and the way you explained things. I suggest you add to your speech is when introducing your special person maybe say his name in the beginning. Also I agree with Kiana that if you work on the organization a little bit this speech will flow a bit better and be amazing! Really good job!

    1. Wow! I had goosebumps the majority of the time I listened to that! I feel the same about my grandmother, as she has been in a lot of the same situations. You did some really great pausing here! I really loved how your piece was structured. An intro, the background, then the main points, and then a conclusion that brings it back to why you talked about her and the point of the assignment. One thing I think you could work on for next time is maybe to give your main points more of an introduction- for example maybe state the quality that you admire about your grandmother and then go on to tell the story/why. Good job!

      1. Hi Mackenzie!
        I feel very similar about my grandmother and actually almost chose my grandmother to do my speech on too 🙂 She seems like she has a big influence on you and I can honestly tell that just by the tone of your voice. You did a good job of portraying a strong tone in your voice, if there’s any advice I could give you it would be to stop looking down- I can tell it comes out of a place of being uncomfortable. I just want to say my I recently lost my grandmother who had breast cancer as well- she had a double mastectomy at the age of forty as well. Power to your grandmother!

    1. Hi Kiana,

      I really like how you told stated the trait that you like about your mom and then gave an example of how she exhibits these qualities. I think your facial expressions and eye contact were great and really show how much your mom means to you. One thing I would say that you could work on is try to strengthen your conclusion a little bit maybe by restating why you chose to give a speech about mom. Your mom sounds like an amazing person! Great Job!

    2. Hi!
      I like the organization of your speech, picking good qualities about your mother and expanding on them. I also enjoyed how you took the time to explain what each of these qualities mean to you. If there is one thing I would say to work on, I would say that you can work on your eye contact. I noticed brief moments where you were looking up, I think you were searching for what to say but next time just something to think about!

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