DBQ 2: Focus your time here: Tues-Thurs: Closes Thursday at 11:59p.m.


For full credit, post your dry-run video in your group by Tuesday at noonBy Thursday at 11:59pm, offer peer review for each member of your group in the following way: 2 things that are succeeding, and 1-2 things that could use improvement in terms of clarity, message, focus, body language, eye contact, presence, and energy.

Original post is the link to Speech 4 (by noon on Tuesday); response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.

9 thoughts on “WEEK 4, DBQ 2

    1. I really enjoyed learning about the special relationship you have with your sister. It is very clear the impact your friendship has had on your life and how much see actually means to you. In your speech, you did a great job of delivering sincere content, about her specific impact as well as the reasons you guys are so close. You also maintained a steady and calm voice throughout the entirety of the video. The only thing I believe you can work on is maintaining eye contact in a few moments during the speech.

    2. I thought your video was great. If I had to provide feedback Id say you did a really good job completing the assignment and your video had very good message and tone clarity. Your idea was easy to watch and understands, its nice to see that you have a such a strong bond with your sister. One thing you can probably improve would be try to organize your ideas a little more, the organization was definitely there but it could be tuned a little. Overall great job

    1. I loved this! I also wrote about a sibling so it was really cool to hear why your brother means so much to you. I really loved your structure (once again!). I appreciate how you started out with adjectives and delved in deep from there; it inspires me to do the same! It kept you on track and organized the whole time. I also loved how you added in stories! It adds that personal touch and helps us relate to your brother. I think something you can work on is keeping the energy up! A smile or purposeful intonation at points in the story can help the audience stay engaged. Great job!

      1. I can really relate to family being close, and respect you for choosing a family member. I believe the strong-suit of your speech was it’s structure. You had a plan of what specifically you wanted to talk about and even added a story for the audience. I think something you could possibly work on in this speech is transitioning between your thoughts, as occasionally there where some pauses and keeping good energy. Show the audience that same love you show for your brother.

    1. I loved it! Your mom is truly a hero for us all, and I’d like to thank you for sharing about her! I think some things you did well were content, and purpose. You definitely have an amazing relationship with her, that comes across in the speech. You also have a lot of memories with her, that also comes across in the speech. I think some thing you could work on would be clarity- it was hard at times to hear the end of your sentences- it seems like you fade off a little. I think it’s so cool how comfortable you are in front of the camera! I am the same way- I don’t have much trouble either, but sometimes it can lead me to ramble and get off topic/out of sequence. I would just caution you to be cognizant of that! Great run!

  1. I thought this video was very inspirational. It’s clear you have a special connection with your mom and you commended her in a great way. I’m sure she would be proud of you. Some things I thought you did well was the flow of the speech, you seem very comfortable informer of the camera- didn’t have any interruptions in your speech which always improves the flow. I thought you’re content was also really strong you definitely completed all the requirements. Something you could work on would be the loudness of your voice. It comes across as a little soft and shaky maybe try speaking louder and projecting your voice like there’s a room of people not just talk to the camera.

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