DBQ 2: Focus your time here: Tues-Thurs: Closes Thursday at 11:59p.m.


For full credit, post your dry-run video in your group by Tuesday at noonBy Thursday at 11:59pm, offer peer review for each member of your group in the following way: 2 things that are succeeding, and 1-2 things that could use improvement in terms of clarity, message, focus, body language, eye contact, presence, and energy.

Original post is the link to Speech 4 (by noon on Tuesday); response to peers, 3-4 sentences each.

4 thoughts on “WEEK 4, DBQ 2

  1. https://youtu.be/QMSGWUyJ_hc

    I kept this dry run because it really shows my weaknesses. I think this speech is going to be the hardest for me because there is so much I could say about this person and I want it to be good. It’s something about talking about someone important in your life that makes me stumble a lot. I will definitely need a lot of practice this time before the final.

    1. Hi Chelsea,

      I loved your introduction I think it was very moving it helped me see how important she is to you! I think you also did a very good job organizing your speech by starting with the quality about your grandmother that was special and then going on to further explain why. I also chose to do a speech about my grandmother this week! I think that you can improve upon is try not to fidget in your chair as much, I do this too but I think it can be distracting to some people. I think if you practice you speech a few more times you will get your flow down and the final will come out perfect! Overall I think you did a great job and your grandmother sounds like a very sweet woman!

    1. I really loved how you introduced the speech! The body of your speech was written very well! I think the wording and jokes you chose were genuine and sweet! It may help to really pace yourself when talking about your cousin. This would help us digest what you love about her or imagine the memories you have shared and it will also help increase the time. I think your eye contact has improved, maybe on the parts that are memories you can try to not look at your notes because it is something you experienced yourself. And even though you may want to slow down the pacing slightly, I do think you have improved with talking slower. Otherwise, volume and posture is good and confident.

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